Why Exhibit

Five good reasons to JOIN Forlener '23

  1. Italy is among the main global investor in renewable energy and has a very strong tradition in the use of wood as an energy source, facts that make it a very interesting market, with a great potential of growth in the wake of the EU’s renewable objectives.

  2. because it is a specific and complete event on the forest - wood - energy supply chain: from forestry to wood energy devices. 100% CONCRETE, 0% DISPERSIVE

  3. The fair is enriched with a whole series of events such as:  

  • Live Demonstration of agro - forestry machines and equipment. The most effective way to know and compare the latest available technology to produce energy from wood.
  • Workshops and conferences about energy from wood;
  • Guided tours to wood-biomass power plants.
  1. Forlener’s long experienced staff can assure exhibitors an efficient support and assistance to every requirement;